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Collaborative Coaching WAFPS 21-01

WAFPS Clock Hours

Cost $5 per clock hour

To qualify for these clock hours, you must first register at least one team or individual in one FPS component (GIPS, CmPS, Scenario Performance, Scenario Writing)


a.  Register and pay for 3-12 clock hours at

b.  Complete and submit clock hour registration form, provided by WAFPS.

c.  Read articles for one or more of the 2021-22 FPS Topics: I, II, the QP or State Bowl

d.  Summarize how you prepared your students for the topic you chose for one of the competition components

e.  Write a brief summary of how you and your students used the articles

f.   Either describe one Topic Activity Unit that you used with your students or describe one activity that you or your students completed while preparing them for the topic

g.  Submit by email a clock hour evaluation form and your responses to parts c-f* above to John Buissink at


3 clock hours per topic

(maximum 12 clock hours)


Deadline to register: Thursday, November 18


Registration and payment should be submitted on the WAFPS website. Go to REGISTER AND SHOP.


All work for clock hours must be completed and submitted to by April 1, 2022.


*Submitted work may be used by WAFPS for promotional purposes.

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