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International Conference

The 2024 International Conference was held June 6-9, 2024, at Indiana University, Bloomington. This year's topic was Air Quality. 

Congratulations to all the Washington state participants at IC! Results can be found on the FPSPI site.


Our Washington State Flagbearer this year was Vedika Hemani, a 9th grade student at Interlake, who coordinated and coached Odle Independent, which included 15 GIPS teams, 5 Scenario Performers, 2 GIPS individuals, and 7 Scenario Writers throughout the year.


As no teacher would step into the vacant coach role in the fall of 2023, Vedika took on that responsibility and created Odle Independent, so that FPSers could continue participating. Vedika brought on additional student help, Hiraani Hew Nam Leung and Sana David. She also reached out for additional assistance when needed from two past Odle coaches, Debby Benzinger and Claire Kujawa.


As the Affiliate Director, I had the pleasure of working with Vedika throughout the year when roadblocks became apparent and sometimes seemed unsurmountable. Vedika faced the challenges and as a problem solver, came up with solutions that worked to keep the Odle students active. Well done and well deserved. Congratulations, Vedika Hemani!

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