Washington State Bowl

FAQ: When will I know the results?

Results were announced at 11:30 a.m. on April 15 (Wednesday). If you missed the announcement, please click on the link below for the results of the 2020 State Bowl.

Congratulations to all!

2020 State Bowl Scenario Performances can be watched via YouTube links below.

Junior Division

1st place--Abhidi Brahnmath

2nd place--William Yoon

3rd place--Hiraani Leung

Middle Division

1st place--Tanya Bhandari

2nd place--Sidhya Ganesh

3rd place--Krithipriya Narendran


Senior Division

1st place--Anshita Saini

2nd place--Harvin Park

3rd place--Maxwell Kim

2019 State Bowl Awards Ceremony

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