2022 Washington State Bowl

Currently, the 2022 Washington State Bowl will be an on-site event on March 24 at Warm Beach Conference Center. More information will be posted as it becomes available.

If you missed the Awards Ceremony 2021, please check out the State Bowl Results below or view the recorded version by clicking on the WAFPS logo.

2021 State Bowl Awards Ceremony

2021 State Bowl Scenario Performances can be watched via YouTube links below.

Junior Division

1st place--Hiraani Hew Nam Leung 

2nd place--William Yoon 

Middle Division

1st place--Tanya Bhandari

2nd place--Sidhya Ganesh 

3rd place--Abhidi Brahnmath 

4th place--Edmunda Li 


Senior Division

1st place--Anshita Saini