"Teaching Students How to Think, not What to Think"

Who we are: The Washington Future Problem Solving Program, a 501(c)(3) not for profit organization, helps provide opportunities for students to develop 21st Century skills. WA FPS was one of the earlier affiliate programs in the 44 year existence of the Future Problem Solving Program International. As a chartered affiliate, the Washington Affiliate provides the infrastructure for young people (grades 4-12) in Washington and mentored regions to participate in the program, conducts training, and supports coaches.


The organization's day-to-day operations are overseen by the Affiliate Director and the Evaluation Director, who are governed by the Board of Directors.

John Buissink

Affiliate Director


Walla Walla SD Retiree

Ann Foreyt

Evaluation Director

Michelle Gordon

Board President

2021-2022 Term

Bellevue SD

Matt Bohannan

Vice President

2021-2022 Term

Northshore SD


Debby Benzinger

Board Secretary

2020-2024 Term

Bellevue SD

Gayl Buissink

Board Treasurer

2021-2022 Term

Walla Walla SD Retiree

Kari B.png

Kari Beyer

Social Media Manager

North River SD


Angie Rambo

Member at Large

2021-2023 Term

Tekoa SD

Kimberlee SP.png

Kimberlee Spaetig-Peterson

Member at Large

2019-2022 Term

Snohomish SD

Melissa Cornelsen headshot.jpeg

Melissa Cornelsen

Member at Large

2019-2023 Term

Bellingham SD


Michaela Moritz

Member at Large

2021-2023 Term

Bellingham SD