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WAFPS Scholarship

Apply now for the 2024 Achievement and Impact scholarships!

Achievement Scholarship

Impact  Scholarship 

These scholarships are being offered to graduating seniors who have participated in Washington Future Problem Solving in any of the components in any year. Applicants do not need to be currently competing in order to be eligible.

The WAFPS Achievement Scholarship recognizes a graduating senior who has had multiple years of involvement in Washington Future Problem Solving, at any level. The ideal candidate should be able to demonstrate their FPS track record and dedication to the program through participation and performance.

The WAFPS Impact Scholarship recognizes a graduating senior Future Problem Solving participant or previous participant who embodies the ethos of FPS through action in their community. Whether through Community Problem Solving projects or work completed through a school or other organization. The ideal candidate for this scholarship should be able to demonstrate their commitment to creating ongoing, measurable change in their community.

Scholarship Winners

2023 Achievement Scholarship $500: Linh Tran (Bellevue Independent)

2023 Impact Scholarship $500: Annie Zhao (Bellevue Independent)

2022 Achievement Scholarship $500: Snigdha Mahankali (Woodinville High School)

2022 Impact Scholarship $500: Tanush Yadav (Interlake High School)

Linh Tran, Achievement Scholar 2023

Linh Tran
2023 Achievement Scholar

annie zhao portrait.jpg

Annie Zhao
2023 Impact Scholar

2022 Achievement Scholar: Snigdha Mahankali

2022 Impact Scholar: Tanush Yadav

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