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Welcome to the Washington Future Problem Solving Program's website! 

Since 1978, the Washington State program has been an affiliate of Future Problem Solving Program International (FPSPI), which is headquartered in Melbourne, Florida. Originally conceived by Dr. E Paul Torrance in response to a critical need for curriculum reform in 1974, FPSPI is now a worldwide leader in futuristic creative problem solving for students in grades 4-12. Currently, students from the following countries participate: Australia, New Zealand, Korea, Singapore, China, Turkey, France, Norway, Malaysia, Portugal, Republic of Georgia, and the United States.

The FPS program stimulates critical and creative thinking skills, encourages students to develop a vision for the future, and prepares students for leadership roles. View how the FPS process aligns with the Common Core, 21st Century skills, and STEM.


Alumni from Washington State Future Problem Solving program have made significant contributions to their communities. We are continually gathering information about our alumni. If you are an alumni of WA FPS, we want to hear from you! Please contact us or join the Facebook Alumni page.

Past and Current Washington Affiliate Directors:

Matthew Bohannan, 2024-

John Buissink 2017-2024

Barb Sailors 1988-2017

Carol Bangs 1978-1988

Past and Current Washington Evaluation Directors:

Ann Foreyt 2016-

Tenny Brannan 1992-2016 (recipient of the FPSPI Keith Frampton Award, 1998)

Jenny Grajewski 1988-1992

Linda Clifton 1978-1988

Recent awards:

FPSPI John Daughtrey 2024: John Buissink (Affiliate Director)

Coach of the Year 2024: Alison Kallstrom (Riverview Elementary)

Coach of the Year 2023: Matthew Bohannan (Northshore School District)

Coach of the Year 2022: John Pearson (Tyee Middle School)

Coach of the Year 2021: Melissa Cornelsen (Fairhaven Middle School)

Coach of the Year 2020: Zan Peterson-Moens (Dutch Hill Elementary)

FPSPI Keith Frampton Award 2019: Debby Benzinger (Odle Middle School)

Coach of the Year 2019: Matthew Bohannan (Leota Middle School) & Sadie Brumley (Cathcart Elementary)

Coach of the Year 2018: Debby Benzinger (Odle Middle School)

Most recent results below:

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Logo designed by Paili Airth, Bellingham, 2019

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