Student GIPS Practice Units

New for 2020, practice GIPS units that can be completed at home or as a distance learning opportunity. Each unit is available for either a team or an individual and comes with an evaluation by an experienced evaluator as well as a set of research articles, a vocabulary list, and a set of activities related to the topic.

#1 Emergency Planning

#2 Coral Reefs

#3 Pandemic

#4 Invasive Species (available now)

#5 Olympic Games (coming soon)

Please contact us to purchase these units. As WAFPS has started its competitive cycle, these units are currently available only by request. 

Below are Lessons in Creative & Critical Thinking from Future Problem Solving International to help you learn about brainstorming. Also, students could learn the FPS process from the Training slides (designed for coaches).

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FPSPI Mission Statement:

To develop the ability of young people globally to design and promote positive futures through problem solving using critical and creative thinking.

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